About Me

2018 - 19: For the past 2 years I have been working on my Masters by Research (practice based) in Fine Art. My MA body of work, named Flux, is made up of a series of paintings and prints.. My studio practice has always been very much process-led, and Flux embodies an endless process of experimentation with colour, form, medium and texture. It is a series where each work follows on from the previous one, informed by questions I asked myself concerning what would’ve happened within the work if I’d done this or that differently, or used a different material or technique. In addition to my curiosity about process and texture, Flux signifies a shift in my working methods, in that it is also highly involved with emotion and feeling. This is partly due to personal life events, but also in reaction to a growing unease about what’s happening in the wider world.

2017 - 18: My current work is concerned with the act of transforming subjective  feelings into visual art. It has been a personal exploration of mixing textile and fine art processes, from which a body of work has emerged. 

2016 - 17: My work is concerned with recycling of the tangible and the intangible.

This year this moved into questioning the importance and value of various elements in my life; memories and connections to the past, treasured family belongings, the skills I learnt from my parents and grandparents as a child, my family, a love of making, my allotment, the unknown anticipation of each new day.

In my studio practice I have been exploring ways to link my past and my present.  It is a process of regeneration; it is a creation and recreation of my own journey.  It is a pathway of experimentation on thoughts, made tangible by materials, colours and textures. A journey that holds endless possibilities, and is never ending for me.

My current body of work mainly uses ceramics and printmaking, however it is always informed my background in textiles and my love of colour, no matter the medium.